As for the app’s features, we feel as though there are too many

As for the app’s features, we feel as though there are too many

Merely listing what you like is a cardinal sin as well. If the user above had turned his bio into a list it’d look something like this, “Podcasts, going out with friends, staring at women from across the room.”

Actually putting in the effort to write an intelligible sentence goes a long way, especially when vying for the attention of the power princesses on The League.

The League Photo Tips

I don’t care if you wrote difference between Badoo vs Tinder a bio that would make John Green swoon, if your pictures aren’t up to snuff, you’re not in her league.

The League only allows members to post 6 photos. With these 6 photos you’ll need to answer the most important question every user has -what does he look like?

The first should be a candid headshot that is unobscured by hats, photos, scarves, or anything else that could hide your features.

The second photo should be a full body shot where the user can still make out specific facial features. Make sure the photo isn’t taken too far back.

The League values high-resolution photos. Photos that were taken with a DSLR or the newest iPhone are recommended. Any photo of lesser quality might as well collect digital dust in your phone’s library.

After you’ve clearly demonstrated what you look like in your first two photos it’s time to get a bit creative. Throw in a photo of you traveling abroad, one with friends, another while playing sports, and one with you and your K-9 companion.

Never post selfies, wear the same shirt in two photos, go shirtless, or post a photo of you and a former significant other.

If you don’t know which photos are right for your profile you can upload a few to Photofeeler and receive feedback from real people. Only upload a photo that’s been rated by more than 15 people and has a score of 8 or better.

The emlovz League Dating App Review

To be clear, we have a 10-20% match rate among the most desirable of The League users. We’re not blindly saying yes to every prospect thrown our way. Doing so will devalue the score the app assigns you. A low score will probably result in being shown to fewer women and women with equally low desirability scores.

There’s a membership upgrade, investor purchase option, Regional Boosts, Local Boosts, Boost Profiles, Global Entry, Extra Batches. ect. ect. With an excess of options it’s easy to feel like you’re not getting the most out of the application.

Our recommendation to The League is to make it simpler for the users – perhaps 2 membership options and 3 a-la-carte purchases. How is confusing the customer ever a good thing?

At the end of the day, The League is probably going to work great for city folks, while being less effective for rural areas (although you can change your league city, which is super cool). This is generally the case with dating apps but the disparity is amplified when an app is still relatively new.

Is The League Waitlist Worth the Wait?

This time around, it was less than a 2 week wait time. But keep in mind our test user has the typical corporate professional job and title that The League would seem to typically approve quicker than say if you are a male in between jobs.

Need Additional Support?

The reality is that The League can only put you in front of single, ambitious women, but it doesn’t promise to find you a girlfriend or even getting you a date.