C. • Roman legions have been split up into years, each of which consisted of a hundred males

C. • Roman legions have been split up into years, each of which consisted of a hundred males

censor (SEN soer) letter. 1. an official to your capability to view books, clips, Tv applications, etc. in order to dump one thing objectionable; 2. a proper in a situation out-of battle just who checks out post, news articles, etcetera. and you may takes away one thing the guy/she believes might help brand new adversary -vt. to get a text, author, etc. to help you such as for example cures since the simply discussed • Comical George Carlin generated a living from parodying the tv censor along with his routine about seven terminology you can not state on television. • Into the Second Industry Battle, someone yourself gotten mail off their family members regarding the equipped forces that had entire sentences blacked out by this new censors. • In the Soviet Commitment, every newsprint article try censored. [-ed, -ing, -motorboat n.]

100 years (SEN che ree) n. step 1. one span of century; dos. a certain period of century matchmaking from the beginning regarding the fresh new Christian (or Preferred) Era; 3. a series, class, or subdivision from a hundred • 100 years enacted between the origins of Western Civil Conflict and you can the engagement when you look at the Vietnam. • Alexander the great lived in the latest last millennium B. cerebral (SIR ib ril otherwise sir EEB ril) adj. step 1. concerning brain or perhaps the cerebrum; 2. popular with this new intelligence-maybe not the thinking; intellectual • A cerebral hemorrhage is not a pleasant applicant. • Brand new mental cortex is the perfect place high attention functions occur. • Tchaikovsky’s sounds is far more mental than simply mental. specific (SOER tin) adj. step 1. fixed, paid, or particular; dos. guaranteed to are present; inevitable; step three. undoubtable; unquestionable; cuatro. reliable; dependable; 5. a price, although not quite • • • • •

We’ll get a certain exchange-inside the allocation toward dated automobile. The sunlight is for certain to go up the next day. You can be positive that Gary the time brand new burglary. It is certain off a reasonable reading. [-ty letter.] [Syn. sure]

complications (CHA linj) letter. step one. a demand to possess identity; 2. questioning; a consult for research and a description; 3. a dare otherwise a craving to join; cuatro. any jobs that really needs special efforts; 5. a wanting to know away from a ballot or your right to vote -vt. accomplish all preceding anything • • • • •

Obtaining the canine to behave securely is fairly an issue

Brand new sentry gave the challenge on incoming patrol. It’s a problem to spell it out Tom’s acting very surprisingly. The fresh Count replied the new Marquis’ difficulty so you’re able to an effective duel. The brand new committee user confronted new visitor’s directly to participate in this new group’s vote. • I became https://datingranking.net/california-san-jose-single-men-dating/ confronted to display my personal admission within theater doorway. [-d, challenging]

Small Comment #fifteen Fulfill the phrase out of line dos to your phrase from line step one it means most almost the exact same thing. step one. carnivorous

A certain number of people will believe some thing

character (KAR ik tir) letter. 1. a special draw; 2. people symbol or page which is found in writing and you will printing; step three. version of print or handwriting; 4. a magical icon otherwise mystic emblem; a code otherwise cipher; 5. a unique top quality otherwise characteristic; an element; a characteristic; six. important high quality; nature; seven. this new personality of people or classification; 8. status; position; 9. a part into the an enjoy, flick, etcetera. • This new cabinetmaker designated the fresh new drawer base together with his very own profile so you can identify it being made by him. • Omega ‚s the last character of Greek alphabet. • Arabic emails can be used within our program regarding numerals. • Philip’s handwriting keeps a great deal of reputation. • A great pyramid which have an eye try a nature on Great Seal of the United states. • It’s the reputation of scorpion to help you pain indiscriminately. • I will suggest Edith while the which have profile of your own high sort. • Sheep feel the reputation away from flocking together. • The type of presidency is one of great-power. • Try not to usually do the recommendations out of a star, because the smoothness the guy takes on is the fact out of a health care professional on television. [Syn. state of mind, quality]