Throughout the years, Stefan fell madly in love with Katherine, exactly who later shown to help you him one she was a good vampire

Throughout the years, Stefan fell madly in love with Katherine, exactly who later shown to help you him one she was a good vampire

Stefan spent my youth by the a nursing assistant in the Italian legal, together with many individual tutors, if you’re Giuseppe nevertheless abused Stefan, Stefan focused on his knowledge and you may to present themselves since good nobleman, learning how he is always to work as much as particular some body

Species: vampire Experiences: Extremely strength, super rate, extremely speed, extremely durability, immortality, super recovery, mental control, enhanced thinking, mind compulsion, telepathy, dream manipulation, shapeshifting.

Stefan Salvatore was born Stefano Salvatore inside the Florence Italy into July fifth, 1490 to help you Conte Giuseppe Salvatore and his partner Contessa Salvatore. Stefan ‚s the younger aunt regarding Damiano Salvatore which never preferred Stefan. Their mother passed away whenever Stefan are three-years old, additionally the youngest of your Salvatore nearest and dearest was raised barely remembering their mom, only remembering the new voice of her voice as well as the smell like the lady aroma. Stefan’s beginning weak his mommy and you may she sooner or later passed away on account of falling ill when you are weakened. Giued Stefan to possess his wife’s dying and you will already been striking him and when the guy generated errors, and in case the guy ashamed him prior to the almost every other nobles during the Italy.

A year once his mother’s death, Giuseppe got various other matrimony install to the girl from an enthusiastic Italian count, Valentina. Giuseppe annexed the count’s area for the Italy. Valentina gave birth in order to a child when Stefan was eight, several years shortly after she and Giued your Antonio. Stefan is type on the his younger aunt, while Damon addressed your such he previously Stefan.

Name: Stefano Salvatore Moniker(s): Stefan (everyone) Delivery Date: July fifth, 1490 Sex: cismale (he/him) Orientation: pansexual Industry: nobleman/aristocrat (former), nomadic traveller, senior school pupil

he was the best gentleman and you can quite an intimate whether it concerned wooing the students lady into the possibility a of good use ily the lady came from.

In summer regarding 1507, whenever Stefan is seventeen, Baron von Swartzschild, good Italian language nobleman and you will a pal of Giue to Italy regarding Germany with his more youthful, gorgeous dily to simply help Katherine with her data recovery of a bad illness, which had honestly poor the guy currently delicate state. Along side weeks, Stefan and you will Katherine invested long together as well as their dad’s had first started revealing the latest prospects from it is possible to relationship involving the one or two. but not, Stefan’s brother, Damon came back on the unnamed college or university he was probably, in which he caught Katherine’s eye in tries to acquire revenge facing stefan by creating it a rival to have damon because of his vanity, pleasure and you may ego. stefan became jealous and let down by the damon’s attempts out of turning katherine on an opponent and then he and you will damon in the long run shared with her to choose from the pair of them for exactly who she planned to feel her spouse. both of the new brothers provided her time and energy to decide, plus the night in advance of she launched this lady bers and you will replaced bloodstream having your, because she got chosen him, far so you’re able to stefan’s higher delight. however when katherine established their into was indeed both astonished you to definitely she got selected both, when she gave her or him one another lapis lazuli gold rings, groups which could make it possible to manage her or him from the sunshine shortly after they complete its transitions to the vampires.

neither stefan nor damon you’ll accept which, arguing one to she need choose between each of them and you may that they couldn’t become fine having sharing the lady, much to help you katherine’s dismay. by bloodstream replace which includes took place ranging from him and you may katherine, stefan started to be alter and customizations going on in his looks and you may noticed that the guy longed significantly more having bloodstream compared to normal person eating. finally, the guy went along to katherine’s spaces which have damon along with her maid, gudren, who’d informed them that katherine try alone throughout the yard. the salvatore brothers sought after katherine on the yard but would not pick the girl here.